Tuberville Lab
@ the University of Georgia Savannah River Ecology Laboratory

Welcome to the Tuberville Lab!

Our research focuses on developing and applying science-based approaches to the management of wildlife populations, particularly reptiles and amphibians. Our research is applied in nature and is often designed to address specific management problems or conservation issues. We emphasize experimental or manipulative approaches, which can often provide greater ability to identify underlying mechanisms affecting population dynamics. However, manipulative studies are not always practical, thus our research incorporates a combination of experimental and mensurative approaches, the latter of which often relies on long-term monitoring datasets.


Our research encompasses the following four major themes:

  1. Population manipulations such as translocation and reintroductions as species recovery tools;

  2. Use of long-term datasets to address management challenges and conservation issues;

  3. Effects of contaminants on long-lived reptiles such as alligators and turtles;

  4. Conservation genetics as a means of understanding individual behavior and population processes in captive and free-ranging wildlife populations.


Contact me: tubervil at srel dot uga dot edu.